WBR Race

Helping Others Help Themselves

On top of supporting WBR's work to provide bicycles and bicycle maintenance across the world, WBR Race is there to help us ride, train and RACE.

What we hope to achieve:

  • Top results in all race categories. We want to train and grow great racing riders.
  • Ensure attendance at all high-level races, in various time zones.
  • Make the WBR Racing Club a name associated with Zwift racing.

What we offer:

  • A fun racing team and riding for a good cause.
  • Great teammates you can depend on in races and helping each other.
  • Great training rides, like PedalPlay, and race programs.
  • Great social setting where you can discuss your racing, training, equipment, URL racing and riding, etc.

What we ask:

  • Abide by our WBR Race Manifesto.
  • Your regular attendance at the major Zwift races, thereby representing our WBR brand name.
  • Being an ambassador of the good cause of WBR.
  • Participate in our rides and help others by sometimes being a Keeper.

WBR Race Manifesto

  • At all times to act as a team, supporting each other when racing and training. It is this unified power of the team interaction, networking, and support that will help us all to success with a good life/health balance.
  • Club members follow the ancient way of the Japanese Bushido (akin to European chivalry) by riding/living with key life driving tenants in mind including: Righteousness, Courage, Benevolence, Respect for Others, Sincerity, Honor, Loyalty, Self-Control, and Wisdom.
  • To train and race in our chosen WBR Race or sponsor kit and equipment, both on and offline, at all times reasonable. With our WBR and other sponsor names proudly displayed, our supporters will garner important branding for their support.
    1. When racing to show your team as "Name WBR Race – Event (Cat)" for example "M.R. WBR Race – KISS (B)"
    2. Club members will race on the chosen team bike – Trek to support WBR sponsors Trek.
  • To commit to promoting clean and fair racing on Zwift. This includes:
    1. Ensuring that equipment is properly calibrated and that you are using power from a power meter or smart trainer when racing.
    2. Weight is correctly entered on Strava and in Zwift.
    3. To abide to the rules of any race given by the race organisers.
    4. To accept that there will be technical issues which are beyond our control such as misrouting or drop-outs. To accept these are part of racing in the same way that a mechanical or puncture is when racing IRL.
    5. Where we have issues or concerns regarding cheating or miscalibration of other riders we will take this up behind closed doors with the relevant individuals or race organisers and not publicly on Facebook or other public media.
    6. Not using any foul language or being disrespectful in any communication on Zwift, FB or otherwise.
  • To help and support all team members in growing and developing both as racers and as people.
  • To give your best in every race for the best outcome for the Club, it’s members and sponsors. While we all strive to win, we do not strive to win at all costs.